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Hi! I'm Allison, 

Picky eating dietitian for your littles

 I help busy moms get their kids trying new foods AND end picky eating battles.


Happy Moms

"Allison knows her stuff when it comes to picky eating challenges! She was so reassuring and gave me so many great tips to use with my son, so that we can make mealtimes fun again. I love how she took the time to really understand my son’s eating patterns and cater her suggestions to our daily routine and lifestyle. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Allison to any mom dealing with a picky eater." -Orly

"I know that the approach I have taken so far isn't working  well in terms of making my boys adventurous with food.  I find it stressful.  Thank you for the  good advice!!" - Erin


"I think the strategies that I found helpful from you were to be consistent, to continue offering new foods, and to encourage exploring of his food (serving, looking at the colour, feeling the texture etc.) It has helped my confidence that I was doing the right thing." - Melissa