Why Dinner for Breakfast is a Good Thing for Your Picky Eater



My good neighbour, who should have been a dietitian, is just starting a vegetarian/vegan eating pattern for herself and young family.  Today she shared with me her dinner for breakfast: Coconut rice with black beans and kale.  Not only is this pretty dish packed with many of the key nutrients to make it a legit vegan meal (protein, iron and calcium, Vitamins B12 and D) it also teaches her kids a simple message that breakfast is not just about having fluffy bready foods (muffins, waffles, pancakes) eggs and cereal.


Parents struggling with picky eaters, if your kids are like one of mine they probably ask for the same things at each meal.  Catering to their very limited food requests only makes it harder for kids to try new foods if they’re not exposed to them.   Now I’m not saying that all kids are going to devour this beauty of a dish.  If they are anything like my son they’ll flat out refuse it because of all the green bits!  The point is if you start to change up what you offer at meals (and snacks) then your kids' expectations of what is offered at meals and snacks may change too, and they may even try it! 

And don't stop at breakfast for dinner, give them leftover chilli or tacos for a snack (there is no rule that snacks must be something crunchy out of a package), and waffles with smoothies for lunch.  Baked apples for dessert.  The other night my son asked for tomato soup for his bedtime snack!  It was Campbells canned soup, mind you, but it was a HUGE win for me hearing him think outside of his regular cereal request.  

What are your dinner for breakfast meals that your kids love?