Mealtime Meltdowns Begone!

You’re a mom who dreams of feeding your picky eater without bribes or pressure. The conversation around the dinner table is enjoyable and the kids are finally giving peas a chance.

No stress or separate meals!

You have freedom and flexibility with meal planning and mealtimes are SO much easier!

But right now, dinner time feels like an ongoing battle…

Both you and your kids are sick of chicken fingers and cheese pizza, but that’s the only thing they’ll eat without making a scene… And after a long day of work topped off with chauffeuring your kids to dance class and soccer, you just don’t have the energy to whip up multiple meals or risk having food thrown across the room by offering something new.

Is having a family meal without food being spit out or hearing “that’s disgusting” too much to ask?


I’ll teach you how to:

  • Ditch the pressure, bribes and games to get your kids to eat

  • Decrease the daily dinner overwhelm and stress

  • Offer foods like veggies instead of sneaking them in other foods so your kids will eat them

I want you to know it is possible for your kids to summon the courage to try new foods. Do your kids reject every fruit except apples? Fine. Serve apples at every meal, in every possible way you can. Do your kids refuse their meal but ask for dessert? Get ready to be shocked… offer your kids dessert with their meal.

These are the practical strategies that you’ll get in my Mealtime Meltdowns Begone coaching package.


This coaching package is for moms who:

Have kids who don’t eat well, meals are a constant struggle

Are tired of bribing, and coaxing your kids into eating healthy food at mealtimes

Worry that your kids are hungry so you let them fill up on handfuls of wholegrain Goldfish and scoops of protein packed Halo Top ice cream

Feel like your kids always react negatively to the pressure to eat anything that is healthy

And, if you have a 10-12 month old and want to know how to handle everything toddler, this package can help PREVENT picky eating and feeding issues in toddlerhood


Your Mealtime Meltdowns Begone Package Includes:

1 hour initial consultation with Allison either in-person, or online

3 x 30 min follow-up coaching sessions

Check list at the end of each session so you can put concepts into action

Digital/print picky eating tips

Unlimited e-mail support so you stay on track and motivated to enjoy mealtimes together-minus the stress

Investment is only $374


Have Questions?

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Note: If you have extended medical health benefits, this Registered Dietitian service may be covered. Please check with your provider.