Imagine being able to enjoy family mealtimes with your picky eater.


No more agonizing over broccoli’s torture.  No more coaxing your kids to try vegetarian shepherd’s pie only to hear “I’m not eating that! That’s disgusting!”.  Good news is that all kids can learn to eat well. Yes, it can drive us frazzled moms mad trying to get our kids to eat anything that is healthy.  As a mom of two, I’ve been through it!

How to teach kids healthy eating habits lies in the hands of parents.

And it starts from their first bite. Focusing on teaching the right habits, mealtime routines, and creating positive feeding environments, and not focusing on each and every bite of cauliflower (or lack thereof!) are the keys to helping babies and kids explore and try new foods.

So if your baby was a champ at eating their butternut squash, banana, oatmeal pancakes and sweet potato kale fritters, and now they’re stuck on noodles with cream cheese and will eat all the junk under the sun. Fear not!  

Why I’m here.

As Registered Dietitian I help motivated moms:

  • Become confident in feeding their kids with love, flexibility and fun

  • Ditch the purees and pouches for whole foods and self feeding the baby led way

  • Get comfortable watching their kids explore food without anxiety or expectations

  • Go from mealtimes being a dreadful daily event to a fun family experience

  • Wow their family and friends when their kids try everything from noodles to oodles of food

  • Teach their kids healthy eating habits that last a lifetime

Ready to go from frazzled to feeding with confidence? 

Personal Bio

Besides my passion for food and feeding kiddies, there are a few other people and things that I love:

My boys, Calum, Gryffin and Bryan. Our beloved beagle Artemis. Comfy morning cappuccinos, babies, any opportunity to make loot bags, "Sweet Annie", by The Zac Brown Band, Arbonne natural skincare and nutrition, goat cheese poutine from Boomers Gourmet Fries, Spring's first blooms, my memories of growing up in Bracebridge, ON, and my Mom's and Grandma's handwritten recipes.


Me and my boys


Artemis, "Arty". You'll always find her here at mealtimes

For more information about me, check out my bio here.